animated GIF showing a user writing code using the PROS environment


PROS is a lightweight and fast alternative open source operating system for the VEX Cortex and VEX V5 microcontrollers. It features multitasking, low-level control, and Wiring-compatible functions to help harness the full power of the Cortex and the V5. PROS is build with developers in mind and with a focus on providing an environment for industry-applicable experience.

Primary maintenance of PROS is done by students at Purdue University through Purdue ACM SIGBots. Inspiration for this project came from several computer science and engineering students itching to write code for the extended autonomous period. PROS was created to leverage this opportunity.

All PROS development is open source and available for the community to inspect. The team believes that sharing the source code opens up the possibility of improving PROS through community contributions, as well as enabling students to learn by example.

PROS is built using the GCC toolchain and standard C practices to make the learning curve small. Structures, pointers, dynamic memory allocation, and funciton pointers are all available. Additionally, code is run on bare metal, allowing users to take full advantage of the microcontroller’s power.

Users can develop code on Windows, macOS, or Linux. Code is compiled using the GCC toolchain for Arm and the PROS Command Line Interface is available on most operating systems. the PROS development team makes distributions for Windows, macOS, and Debian-based Linux distributions.

To learn more about PROS, check out the source code repository on GitHub and the main PROS website.